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How To Charge Multiple Electrical Vehicles Safely

You may have heard the term Dynamic Load Charging in relation to EVs but, if you are little in the dark about what it means and what benefits it can deliver, we are about to help. Dynamic Load Charging enables… Continue Reading →

The Changing Face of Workplace Motoring – EV Company Cars?

Company car charging

Switch to an Electric Car to Save Money And The Environment

In recent months, people have seen significant shifts in their spending habits. Bills at the supermarket have increased whilst at the other end of the scale, for many people, fuel costs have decreased significantly and for some, to such a… Continue Reading →

Why It’s Good To Charge Your EV At Home

Top Three Reasons for Installing an EV Home Charger.

Have Recent Events Shown What A Future Looks Like Without Oil?

As nations across the globe enter another week of lockdown or restrictions, pollution levels have fallen  resulting in scenes that have not been witnessed for generations. Residents in UK cities have reportedly commented on how blue the spring sky has… Continue Reading →

Read About the Changes To Company Car Tax From April 2020

The Company Car has been seen as a ‘perk’ of many jobs but since the Government began to identify that these typically diesel cars are having a detrimental effect on the environment, changes to company car tax have been taken… Continue Reading →

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