Whether you already drive an electric vehicle, or are looking at charging solutions for your workplace to manage your ever growing electric car fleet, you’ll be wanting to ensure you have the best charging facility that’s available.

Well established

At Webasto, we have drawn on our years of expertise in the auto-electric field to develop charging solutions that maximise efficiencies and allow charging with ease, simplicity and speed. Well established and well recognised in Europe, we’ve sold almost 10,000 chargers in the last year and are now looking forward to delivering more of our technology to the UK.

This means that those choosing a Webasto charger  can enjoy the benefits that owning an electric vehicle brings, whether charging at home or at work.

We are proud to offer two charging options, both of which fulfil all the criteria demanded by electric vehicles and their drivers.

Webasto Pure Black Edition

Our Webasto Pure Black Edition is our original solution and offers an adjustable charging capacity from 3.7kW to 22kW. It has a 4.5m permanently connected charging cable with charger coupler type 2 and integrated cable suspension. This solution gives charging potential of up to ten times faster when compared with a standard domestic socket. From a safety angle, you can rest assured that we’ve got it all under control too as it has its own fuse protection. It has also received the Plus X Award for quality, design and ease of use.

Webasto Live

For those that want to take this advanced technology just a little further we have our Webasto Live charging solution which brings Intelligent charging management via an app. Offering the same scalable charging capacity, up to the same 22kW level, it is perfect for a networked operation, across more than one location, and is innovative and rapid. Most pleasingly, it is OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) accredited which could see the installation subsidised by up to £500 by the Government office.

To support the installation process, we have solo and duo mounting stands to display one or two chargers in either domestic or commercial settings.

Chargers for UK cars

Our chargers have been specifically designed to support the expectations of electric vehicle drivers now and in the future and, with the demand for such vehicles only set to grow, particularly as company car tax changes come into play in April 2020, we are well placed to offer superior charging solutions across the UK and beyond that are compatible with all electric cars.

Get in touch

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