UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson,  has recently announced that the ban on sales of all cars powered by petrol, diesel and now those that are hybrid, would be brought forward to 2035.

That is just fifteen short years away and to help car buyers and drivers understand the implications we explain why this is happening and how you can be prepared.

What is the ban?

Originally the Government had pledged to ban all brand new non electric cars in the UK from 2040, but a further recent announcement stated that it could now be 2035.

The ban, which was originally announced as part of the Government’s Road to Zero strategy in 2018,  has been created to assist the UK target of being virtually carbon zero by 2050 and the change in date of the fuel ban happened because it was felt that 2040 was too far away to achieve this.

The proposed ban will see the sale of all new non electric vehicles – petrol, diesel and also hybrid (the latter which has been included for the first time) forbidden. However, those types of cars that have been purchased prior to that date will still be permitted to be used.

With all things considered it is fair to day that EV’s are here to stay as a motoring option in the UK.

Should I choose an EV now?

Simply put, the answer would have to be yes however, we appreciate some of the prohibitive factors that are still apparent to give motorist concerns.

To prevent any surprises, it is worth doing your research on the car you want. Is its range good enough for the type of motoring that you do? Does it fulfil the needs of you as an individual or that of your family? It is no good buying a small, economical version if you have children, a huge dog and play the drums!

Consider how and when you will charge the vehicle and how this fits in with your lifestyle. Does your place of work have charging points or do they plan to get them? Many employers and public places such as railway stations and shopping centres are beginning to install, or increase, the number that they have to meet with the ongoing increase in demand.

Why EV’s are the only sustainable way of motoring

Practically the ban, and the switch to EV’s, is not without its challenges. We, and other manufacturers of charging point technology, continue to work closely with car manufacturers, the Government and other bodies connected with this ambitious target to ensure that the UK is ready to meet the challenge.

Concerns are also being muted about the untenable rise in demand for raw materials such as cobalt and, with stats such as ‘2.3m new cars were sold in the UK in 2019, around the same number of EV’s across the world’ – it is not hard to see why there are concerns.

EV’s are truly the future of motoring and whether the ban in 2035 comes to fruition only time will tell.  However, as the choice of electric vehicle continues to grow and charging when you are out and about becomes ever easier, you really should be considering an EV when choosing a brand new car.

It’s good for the environment and, it’s the responsible thing to do.